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Over the last several months, you may have noticed on-going server issues with Enigma Express. We’re pleased to announce that the game has now been updated, and the Enigma Express will be back on the tracks from Thursday 13th September!

Updated to work on all new iOS and Android devices, top detectives Hannah and Watson are back on the trail of crooked crime boss Five Fingers’ hijacked heist. We’ve now expanded our list of localised languages to include traditional Chinese, and laid the groundwork for future content expansions coming over the next several months! All you’ll have to do is update the Enigma Express app on your phone, or redownload it from your Google Play or App Store, and get right back into the action!

The Enigma Express community has stayed engaged and interested through-out the games’ down time and we’re excited to be bringing the app back to the millions of players who have been eager to don the Blue Toad Detective Agency badge once again. If you’d like free coins and energy to help you along in Enigma Express, you can sign up to our newsletter and receive monthly updates on what we’re doing as well as in game rewards.

With tons of crime scenes to investigate, countries to visit and clues to find, Enigma Express’ hidden object adventure is back and better than ever in tale of murder, theft, poison and lies!

Available from Thursday 13th September.