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Ingenious super sleuth and heroine extraordinaire, Nancy Drew is nothing short of an A-list super star in the detective world. With her name infamous in every corner of the globe, Nancy Drew touched the lives of millions of girls and boys with hundreds of stories, written by nearly as many authors, all under the guise of Carolyn Keene. We may all be familiar with the character who inspired countless young girls to head out and seek adventure, but here’s a few fun little facts you probably didnt know!

5. Boy Scouts of America Once Tried to Have Nancy Drew Banned
Back in 1914, the stories of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys were groundbreaking in a culture where children were taught to be seen and not heard. Seen as encouraging kids to explore their independence through adventure and rebellious behaviour, the chief librarian of the Boy Scouts accused the books of being dangerous, claiming they would “debauch and vitiate” children’s imaginations.

4. No One Knows How Nancy’s Mother Died
Despite hundreds of novels, games, movie and television adaptations, the mystery of Nancy Drew’s late mother has never been fully revealed to readers. In one book, the story alluded to a “long illness” that ultimately ended with her death, but it’s never explored any deeper… Perhaps the biggest mystery of the Nancy Drew novels!

3. Nancy Drew’s original author died immediately after her debut novel
Every book in the Nancy Drew series is authored by Carolyn Keene – but she never even existed! The original creator of the teen heroine was Edward Stratemeyer, who died only a few months after the very first of his Nancy novels was published. The book grew to be so popular that over time, many, many writers have picked up the guise and published new stories and adventures all under Keene’s pseudonym.

2. Nancy Drew was so popular, she even influenced how we name our kids
After the launch of the book series, Nancy Drew became so popular amongst kids and adults alike that “Nancy” actually became one of the most popular names given to little girls born between 1935 – 1960… So popular in fact that it ranked in the top 15 of names, where it previously hadn’t positioned in even the top 50!

1. Nancy was almost named something else…
Stratemeyer played around with many different names for before he settled on the one we have all come to know and love… He even tried to publish the series initially under the name Stella Strong! Nell Cody, Nan Nelson, Diana Dare, or Helen Hale were all batted around, and we even came extremely close to Nan Drew! Good effort on the alliteration, but I definitely like Nancy Drew the best!

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