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Detectives! Dakota here.

I’ve been away these past few months taking on a few extra cases of my own. I’ve hunted down the dubious hustlers behind the Hundred Man Heist, cracked the curious case of the Cookie Caper and returned a stolen glass eye to a lord in Belize (although it had simply rolled away and wasn’t stolen at all).

But I’m back, and the doors of the Blue Toad Detectives Agency are open once again!

We’ve even got Watson flying back in. He spent the summer in Ibiza – he’s always been a bit of a party hound, but he’s out done himself this time I’m sure! Let’s hope his nose for clues hasn’t gotten rusty, we could really use his help.

When we left off, 8 mysterious objects had been stolen from a bank vault in London and the boss had us out on the hunt for fruitful leads. With thieves, career criminals and certified evil geniuses roaming the streets of London in their droves, it really could be just about anybody!

It’s critical for us to interview everybody at the bank and find a workable lead to pursue… We’ve got our work cut out for us detectives, are you ready to crack on?

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