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When you think of crimes, mystery and clues only one name springs to mind – Hannah Dakota! Only joking guys – of course, I mean the most famous detective in the history of detecting, Sherlock Holmes.

Created by British novelist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock has graced every kind of entertainment from movies and television, to radio and theatre. Everybody knows his signature tweed Deer Stalker hat and pipe, but here are a couple of fascinating facts you probably dont know!

5. Holmes never says ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’
Despite being known his catchphrase, Sherlock never actually says “Elementary, my dear Watson” throughout all of Doyle’s novels. Although he often remarks “Elementary!” and refers to his sidekick as “my dear Watson,” the first recorded use of this phrase was actually in another novel written by P.G Wodehouse called Psmith, Journalist.

4. Sherlock’s IQ is 190
In 1999 publication, Intelligence of Sherlock Holmes and Other Three-pipe Problems, John Radford conducts a modern psychological study of Sherlock Holmes. Through this he estimates that, based on his behaviour, skills and achievements, Holmes’ intelligence is around 190. For reference, the average intelligence is around 100 – and Einstein had an IQ of 160!

3. There’s more to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle than Sherlock Holmes
While Sherlock is a fascinating and inspiring character, his author Arthur Conan Doyle had many personal achievements that were hugely influential – many of which still affect Britain today

Doyle campaigned to establish the Court of Criminal Appeal, was knighted by King Edward VII for his journalistic work, and also wrote many other kinds of fiction – including sci fi romance The Lost World, which went on to inspire Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park!

2. Doyle tried to kill off Holmes
With so many varied interests from journalism to law, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle grew tired of focussing all of his time on the books that had gained a mass following. So, two years after first beginning the Sherlock Holmes’ series, Doyle complained that writing the novels “took his mind from other things” and he wanted to kill off the famous detective. Luckily for us this never happened, and the series of novels continued!

1. Sherlock used some detective techniques before real detectives did
Fingerprints, blood stains, identifying criminals by their typewriters, gunshot residue and tons more! Sherlock was using all of these methods to catch villains in his novels for decades before they were in everyday use by police. Of course, it takes time for these techniques to be reliable enough for real world detective work, but no doubt Sherlock was a pioneer of solving crimes!

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